If you are like most business owners, then you are probably looking for the best tools that can help you improve your business. In the past, using a credit card payment processing system was an option that was not necessary, but nowadays the situation has changed. With the best system like this, you can rest assured that you won’t lose clients just because they are using a credit card as a payment option and you will get access to a few useful features. Now let’s check a short list of the best options on the market.

1. Shopify

Shopify POS is a powerful tool which comes with built-in payment processing abilities. This is one of the rare options that can be used equally efficient for in-person sales and online sales. In case you decide to use the basic plan offered by Shopify, you will get access to Shopify Lite a mobile POS with excellent options and features including shipping features, inventory management tools, sales tools and integration with third-party apps. Thanks to Shopify, you will be able to accept American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, Android Pay, and Apple Pay. You can process both contactless and physical EMV chip/magstripe cards. You can also process payments even if you don’t have a credit card reader.

2. Square

Square is another great solution for processing mobile payments. All you have to do to accept payments is to plug a card reader to an Android-based or iOS-based mobile device. It’s usually used by small businesses. This is a solution with a user-friendly dashboard which provides excellent processing rates. Square accepts all the credit cards that are accepted by Shopify. You can use it on multiple devices at once which means that a few employees can work with this system at the same time. It’s also good to know that this option allows users to add and monitor sales taxes.

The list of options you can find on Square doesn’t end here. There are great integration options too like integration with popular accounting programs including Xero and QuickBooks. With Square, you don’t have to worry about managing tips because customers can still add and modify tips. What many users like about this system for processing credit card payments is that you can email invoices automatically and accept invoice payments over the Internet. In case your store has a refund policy, this system will process the refunds and let you check store credits at any moment. Don’t forget that Square allows you to build an online store for free.

3. QuickBooks GoPayment

With the help of QuickBooks GoPayment users can process credit card payments on the go. This is obviously a product made by QuickBooks, the popular financial tool and that’s why you can use it to sync sales directly to the online version and desktop version of this tool. One of the highlighted selling points of this credit card payment processing tool is the low processing rates. Yet, you can find better options if you have dozens or hundreds of transactions per month.

There are many features in this system that you should find attractive and helpful. For example, this payment processing tool accepts a wide range of payment options like Discover, Apple Pay, Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay. In addition to contactless payments, it also supports checks, EMV chip cards, and physical magstripe. Users can rely on their smartphones or tablets to process credit cards. On QuickBooks GoPayment account can be used by up to 50 users. Thanks to this system you can easily get and track check payments and even cash payments. It’s allowed for customers to add tips. Remember that these are just some of the many features that you can get from this credit card payment processing tool.

4. PayPal Here

PayPal is the name of a brand which is known from the USA to India and from Australia to the United Kingdom. The famous online payment processor has developed a processing system for credit cards too. This makes it easier for business owners to accept PayPal payments from their clients. Every PayPal business account holder can add PayPal here and accept payments like this. There are no monthly or initial fees involved. So, to make things clearer – PayPal Here allows customers to buy things with the help of their credit cards or PayPal accounts.

This is a system which accepts almost all credit cards and contactless payment options we have listed above. In fact, you can use this system to process both eWallet payments and contactless credit card payments. Adding and tracking sales taxes is easy when you are using PayPal Here. You can even apply promo discounts on specific categories of sales. Of course, more than one user at a time can operate PayPal Here which makes it easier for your staff to take care of the payments.

5. Dharma

Finally, we have Dharma on this list. This is an excellent system for processing credit card payments which comes with very low transaction fees. This is a merchant service provider that is quite rich when it comes to features. From reporting and invoicing to taking care of taxes and virtual payments, this solution has proven to be helpful. If you choose Dharma, you will also get access to a free mobile Point-Of-Sale application and MX Merchant Express tool.

Thanks to Dharma, you will be able to accept all popular credit cards. Even if you are offline, this system will still be able to process payments. With just a couple of clicks, users can check previous transactions and get in-depth sales reports. For a small fee, users can also get a mobile credit card reader which is able to process chip and swipe payments. There is free dedicated customer support for every registered user. If you are willing to pay a small monthly fee, you will also have an opportunity to process ACH payments which is quite useful for international businesses.

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